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Hamsters and Happy Meals - Introduction to Season 2

July 20, 2022 Karthik V Season 2 Episode 1
The Launch Plan Podcast
Hamsters and Happy Meals - Introduction to Season 2
Show Notes

On The Launch Plan podcast, we help solopreneurs, small businesses, and creators launch successful online courses, memberships, and other info products. How?

It turns out that ‘quitting the hamster wheel’ was wrong.
You see it was never about the wheel (or getting off of it). It was always about the hamster.

A cute little hamster running inside a wheel is unforgettable. And if these rodents could see anything beyond the wheel, they would surely jump off it. But they don’t. Why?

Hamsters can’t see.
A hamster can only see a few inches past its nose. To make things worse, they are colorblind too. And that’s the reason why hamsters don’t get off the wheel. Even if they want, they don’t know they can.

We are like hamsters too.
Whether launching a personal brand, an online course, or a business, we knowingly start running the ‘hamster wheel of launch.’ And once we are in, we keep running (like Tom Cruise), creating an online course, creating content with a podcast or blog, posting on social media, rinse, and repeating.

And then kicks in the Sunk Cost Fallacy.
After months of running the ‘hamster wheel of launch,’ we aren’t ready to abandon the ‘strategy.’ Strategy? Or did you have a plan in the first place?

Because the formula for failure is to have a strategy without a plan.

And when you have a plan, you are no longer a hamster.
For one, you can now see well beyond a few inches past your nose! But more importantly, a plan allows you to visualize the exact steps to your goal.

The Launch Plan podcast is about the plan and strategy.
Sure, we do talk about tactics too. But even the tactics are in the context of the plan and strategy. Every episode is designed to be actionable and hence covers one crucial idea or topic.

Zero fluff
This podcast is not an interview-fest. We bring on experts only when required. But most time, it’s just you and me (and my undivided attention to help you).

The podcast is not a pitch-fest either. You’ll only hear me talking about my business in the last 2-3 minutes. The Launch Plan podcast is a marketing podcast, and I do this because it helps me grow my business. You will hear me share updates on my business, and I promise to keep this extremely useful to you.

Tiny bites
Eating a giant Big Mac can sure be satisfying and full. But a full stomach is a good recipe for a nice siesta. But that’s not why you’re here. Every episode is actionable and hovers around the 20-minute mark. Think of each episode as one bite of a Big Mac. Just enough to get you acting on the next step of your plan.

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